how to apply builder gel

What do you know about Builder Gels?

Nail extensions and nail art are endless options. From glitter acrylics to amazing nail art effects, there’s always something new in the nail world. It’s important to have a solid understanding of nail art.

Nail art and acrylic nails have become more popular, but so have natural-looking nails. This has allowed builder gel to become a huge hit in the industry …. allowing nail technicians to give strength to clients’ natural nails and keep them looking great for up to 2/3 weeks.

Salons Direct has a variety of gel polish brands to choose from. Many gel polish brands are now experimenting with builder gels. Glossy Natureabuild and Glitterbels Brush on Builder Gel are some of our top-selling ranges. Halo Easibuild Builder Gels, & Gellux Builder Gels.

It seemed like a good opportunity to address some of the most frequently asked questions about builder gels. Are you interested in learning more about gel manicures? Which is better for clients gel manicures or acrylic? Continue reading to learn more!

What is builder gel?

You can use builder gel to increase the length, thickness, or strength of your nails. For a non-chip nail overlay, you can apply the builder gel to natural nails. You can also use it with Nail Tips to add extensions and enhancements. This gel polish base coat is stronger than regular base coats and has a thicker consistency than a normal one. These base coats have excellent self-leveling properties that ensure a smooth foundation layer.

How long does builder gel last?

2-3 weeks. A manicure made with builder gel may last for up to three weeks. However, it all depends on the brand and how you apply it. Also, how well did you remove the old layer? A strong, healthy base is necessary for natural nails.

To get the best results, make sure to follow your gel brand’s instructions. This means that you should only use products from your preferred gel nail system.

It is also important to use the correct UV nail lamp at the right time.

Once the gel starts to dry, you can either infill the nail with acrylic or take the set off and place another one. As long as the nail is in good shape, however,

How to use builder Gel

Do you require a base coat to use Builder Gel?

Depending on which brand you choose, the way builder gel is used will vary. Some brands require that you apply a primer first. Others, like Glossy, can be applied directly to the nails for a faster application.

You can apply builder gel only to the natural nails. It will need to be applied in several coats and cured between each layer. To extend the nail, you can simply use your nail tip to form the gel before applying it.

The steps to apply a gel builder would look something like the following:

  1. Clean, file, and buff your nails Trim the cuticle. Use acetone or nail cleaner to clean the nails.
  2. Apply primer or base coat, if you need one for your builder gel. If necessary, cure under the nail lamp. You don’t necessarily need primer. This step can be skipped and saved some time.
  3. Use the builder glue. If you’re using bottled gel, you can paint it. You will need to use your nail brush to apply a little bit of the gel if you have a container. Keep your cuticle away and make sure you cover the edge. Builder gel is prone to becoming self-leveled so let it settle for a while to ensure it is evenly applied.
  4. Cure with an LED/UV lamp Your chosen builder gel should specify the type of lamp it must be used with, and the time it will take to cure.
  5. Apply a second coating. If necessary, cure the second coat.
  6. To remove any tackiness, use a lint-free wipe and isopropyl alcohol.
  7. Finish the nail to create the perfect shape for your client and smoothen any uneven areas.
  8. Apply color or topcoat – clean the nails again and then apply your topcoat. Paint your gel polish on the client’s nails and let it cure for another time if they request a different color.
  9. Final touches Once all gel has been applied and dried properly, your manicure will be complete. Before your client leaves, add a little cuticle oil to make sure they are aware of any aftercare tips.

Is acrylic better than builder gel?

It depends. You will likely get asked by clients if builder gel is better than acrylic for your nails.

It can be difficult to answer this question because it is often a matter of personal preference.

Although builder gel may not seem as strong as acrylic, it can be more flexible and stronger. Builder gel is preferred to acrylic for natural-looking nails. It can be applied quickly and has a high shine finish. The gel can also be used to help clients with broken nails keep their natural length.

Gel nails are also thought to be less damaging than acrylic nails by many clients. Gel nails are more flexible than acrylic nails and less likely to break. You can reduce damage by using a soak-off formula. This will require less buffing and filing.

Acrylic is not bad for nails. Acrylics can be used to protect clients with very weak nails. Gels and acrylics are safe as long as they’re properly applied, maintained, and removed by a skilled nail technician.

To show your client the many looks you can create together, take some photos of your best work if your client is still having trouble deciding.

But which nail technicians prefer?

You will likely have your own favorite nail polish to use as a nail technician. Acrylic sets up quickly without the use of a lamp. Builder gel takes a while to dry, and can only be used under UV or LED light. Nail techs appreciate the freedom and control that builder gel offers. They can move the product as many times as they want, and then cure them in seconds.

Some nail technicians prefer acrylic to work with, especially if their clients love long nails.

Both acrylic and builder gel is capable of creating stunning manicures. Before deciding on which gel to use, it is a good idea to examine your client’s nails.

Hard gel, soft gel, builder gel, gel polish – what’s the difference?

You might be new to gel nails and wondering what the differences are between hard gel, soft gel, and builder gel.

What are they?

Hard Gel

Hard gels can be used to create nail extensions. They can provide length that soft gels cannot. These gels are very similar to acrylic nails, but they must be cured using a UV lamp or LED.

IBD Builder gel and Profile Gellux U/LED Hard Gel are two examples of hard gels.

Soft Gel

Soft gels are very popular today because they are as durable as hard gels but are easier to remove. They are also known as “soak-off” gels and can be gently removed with acetone if necessary.

Soft gels such as Glossy Building Gel come in a container with a brush. They can be applied like regular nail polish, but still require curing with a lamp. Although you can add length and thickness to your nails, you will not be able to do so as effectively with a hard gel. They are often used to create a natural look.

Builder Gel vs Gel Polish

To create shape and length, you can choose between soft and hard builder gels.

It is important to note that these builder gels are completely different from regular gel nails. These gels have a thinner consistency, so they don’t last as long as other builder gels.

Gel polish can be painted over your natural nails or on top of your builder gel. Just make sure to use the same gel brand.

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