how to make a balloon garland

How to Make a Balloon Garland or Arch in 6 Easy Steps

Do you want to make your party even more memorable?

One of the most elegant party decorations is a balloon garland, also known as a balloon arch. You can use one to make your next parties, such as a baby shower, bridal shower, or dinner party, more glamorous!

Perhaps you’ve seen beautiful pictures on Pinterest or Instagram and thought that something so expensive and time-consuming must be too difficult. To make your balloon garland look this stunning, you will probably need to be an expert decorator.


You can make this Instagram-worthy balloon garland in about an hour with supplies costing between $20 and $100 You don’t need any craft skills! This is the perfect DIY decoration for parties. You can find us @shimmerandconfetti on Instagram.

This post will show you how to make a balloon garland. This post will give you 6 simple steps and a detailed supply listing.

Follow these steps to create a stunning DIY decoration that is completely yours!

We have made many examples of balloon garlands

Before you start – Make a Supply List

  • All-inclusive kit for balloon garland This kit includes everything you need for making your balloon garland: balloons and balloon tying tools. It also includes a balloon decorating strip and glue strips. All-inclusive garland kits Here.
  • High-quality latex balloons Pick colors that complement your decor theme and color scheme
  • Balloon tie tool This is a must-have! This is an essential tool for anyone who ties more than 10 balloons. These are easy to use. here.
  • Balloon decorating strip It’s also known as a plastic strip, balloon tape, or balloon strip. Whatever you call it, magic is what it does! This will be your frame for your garland and eliminate the need to sew them together. It also allows you to make changes after your garland is completed.
  • Glue strips You can add more latex balloons to your garland. It’s best to use the smallest size for filling your garland once it is up.

Making your balloon garland takes 60 to 90 minutes

Step 1: Inflate your balloons

After you have chosen the right size and color balloons for your party decorations, it’s time to blow them up to different sizes. A variety of sizes gives your balloon garland an interesting shape. You might be able to use your kits to have as many as three sizes of balloons for your balloon garland.

An electric pump can really speed up this process. You can ask your family and friends for help in blowing up your balloons. You can either tie your balloons by hand or with a tying device.

Tip: Blow some balloons to fill in gaps in your garland. These are a great finishing touch that will make your balloon garland look fuller, brighter, and more interesting.

Step 2: Attach your balloons and balloon decorations to the balloon decorating strip

Now it’s time for you to choose the look that you want for your garland. For a coordinated look, you might choose to use alternating colors on each hole of the balloon decorating strip. Or maybe you prefer to use clusters of the same color.

It is easy to attach your balloons. Each segment of the balloon decorating strip contains a small hole as well as a large hole. To lock the knot, pass it through the large hole and then slide it through to the small hole. It’s that simple!

You can leave some of the balloon decorating strips on each side unfilled. It will be easier to hang your decoration later.

Remember to keep your smallest balloons out of the way while you attach them. They’ll be used later.

Tip: You can vary the size and color of your balloons as you add them along the line. You can either take inspiration from the balloon garland photos you have seen or create your own design. You have the option of choosing what design you like!

Step 3: Draw your shape and place the hooks

It’s now time to choose the shape of your balloon garland. You can make your own party decorations!

To mark the locations where your hooks will be placed, you can use a pencil. You can then imagine various arrangements and choose what you like.

Tip: Shape can have a significant impact on the final look of your garland. You can take inspiration photos and use them as a guide for making your own balloon garland.

Your hooks can be attached to the wall or other area where the balloon garland will go to create the frame.

Step 4: Hang your garland

Attach your garland to the wall in sections. Support the weight of the section that is not attached with your hands. You can do this on your own but it is also possible to ask a family member or friend to help.

To avoid your garland getting tangled, it’s best to work one section at a time. You can also control how each section looks when you hang it up.

Tip: Make sure to leave a hole in the balloon decoration strip so that you can hang your garland from the hooks or nails. This is a great way to ensure your garland stays exactly where you want!

Step 5: Fill any gaps with smaller balloons

This is the secret ingredient for a beautiful balloon garland!

The garland will be beautiful once it is up. But, you can make it even more stunning by using this trick. Fill in any gaps between your balloons and the wall with smaller balloons.

This will make your garland appear fuller, richer, and more interesting. This will make your balloon look bigger and more interesting.

Fill in the holes with smaller balloons using your glue strips. A glue gun is not recommended as it can pop balloons.

Step 6: Decorate the remainder of the space

Ours is used as a backdrop to our dessert table. It’s adorned with a no-sew DIY tulle table skirt. This gives our balloon arch a glamorous look and highlights our color scheme.

Pro Tip: Get creative! You can add other decorations to your garland. You can add additional decor to your garland to enhance the theme of your party. We love ribbons, faux flowers, and palm fronds.

Take a moment to appreciate all that you have done and take lots of photos of your creation.

Your DIY balloon arch can be displayed in many ways, including a dessert table underneath. It can even stay up for as long as one week. Ours was highlighted with a dessert table below, which could showcase sweet treats that match the theme and colors.

You don’t need to place your garland at the dessert table. These are some other locations.

  • Photo booth backdrop
  • Above the entranceway
  • Above the dining room table
  • Near a fireplace
  • The gift table

This guide will help you host a party that impresses your guests. A balloon arch or garland can be used as a focal point for any event.

It doesn’t need to be perfect. Each balloon garland is unique, which is what makes them so beautiful. You can express your creativity with a balloon garland, which is a great DIY decoration idea for parties.

You can also save money by making your own garland or balloon arch. You get a lot for your money!

Last tip: You might be able to use your savings to pay for a spa day after the party. You deserve it!

We hope you’re inspired by the simplicity of making a balloon garland to put up at your next event or party. This is a fun, inexpensive, and easy way to make your party stand apart.

You can expect lots of laughter from your guests.

Keep reading our blog to see more party ideas!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I start setting up my balloon garland before it is too late? Is it possible to make a balloon garland on the night before?

Balloon garlands can last for about one to two weeks. To get the best results, make your balloon garland at least a day ahead of time. It may take several hours to blow up the balloons and put up your garland, especially for your first attempt.

Important to remember that your balloon garland will not last more than a day if it is left outside in the heat. If you host an outdoor party, keep your balloon garland indoors until the party begins.

How to hang a balloon garland.

You can find a post here on how to hang your balloon garland from a wall.

What are some good color combinations for balloon garlands?

There are many options for color combinations for balloon garlands. To help you find the right color, you can use a color website.

These ideas are not the only ones. Here are some more:

  • The Peach Palette: Pastel peach and coral pink, light mustard and pastel orange
  • Pool Party – Coral pinks, light turquoises, turquoises, marigolds, and pistachios
  • A Golden New Year’s Eve – Black, two shades of gold, navy, and fog grey
  • Galaxy – Black, navy, violet, iris, silver
  • Starry Night – Cerulean, starry, and bumblebee blues, pistachio, mingling, midnight, and cerulean.

How can I figure out how many balloons I will need?

To determine how many balloons you will need, first determine the arch’s length, then determine the number per cluster and the distance each cluster covers. To make a 16ft balloon arch, or to create a balloon garland, use our balloon calculator.

Which combination of balloon sizes should you use?

You should use at most 2 to 3 sizes of balloons. A combination of 5-inch, 112-inch, and 24-inch balloons will create a dramatic effect.

For more texture and contrast, it is a good idea to have some variation in the size of your balloons. A garland of balloons of different sizes will not be as impressive as an arch with the same number of balloons. For the best final product, it is worth spending time and creativity on the design of your balloon garland.

Can I use my balloon garland outdoors?

Yes! You can hang your balloon garland outdoors. You can hang your balloon garland outside by wrapping fishing wire, ribbon, or twine around some sections. To hang your balloons, find a tree or structure such as a cabana. Hang your balloon garland on the day you host your party if you live in hot areas. The heat can cause balloons to burst.

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